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CRCL began its journey with a vision to become a highly recognized and a respected catering service company.

It’s unique blend of international quality and knowledge of local flavors has helped CRCL become the preferred partner for leading multinational organizations.

CRCL offers a wide range of customized services including setting up central kitchen, onsite kitchens, multipoint counters, and exclusive services for guests, among others.


CRCL has established its presence in the campuses of prestigious colleges, premium residential schools, educational institutions, etc.

The company offers solutions right from the design of kitchens, preparing diverse menus and providing ground support.

CRCL’s fresh, healthy and value for money options are very popular among the student community.




CRCL supports a host of healthcare establishments with its mix of healthy and balanced food.

CRCL consults with expert dieticians while selecting the menu and a special emphasis laid on providing nutritious and easily digestible food.

CRCL takes pride in the fact that their services aid in the speedy recovery of patients in healthcare facilities.